Superfoods: Some Thoughts About The Trend

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I’ld like to write down just a few thoughts about the so called “superfoods”. As you may have noticed, there’s a big hype and a lot of fuss about them. Generally, I’m really fond of the new trend which is all about healthy livestyle and nutrition because to me this absolutely makes sense. But still, every trend should be questioned and treated in a somehow sceptical manner.

The more exotic the better?

To my mind, there isn’t any negative thing about the hype about healthy living, but concerning superfoods, we should maybe be a bit more careful. I won’t doubt that they are healthy and nutritious, but somehow it seems to me that this trend is trying to tell us “the more exotic, the better” any kind of fruit, vegetable, grain and so on. In fact, there are studies and articles telling us, that superfoods aren’t always way better than locally grown food we have been used to know since ages. Of course, it might be true that superfoods are good for our bodies, but still this doesn’t mean that all other foods aren’t. I think, we must not forget about this fact and should inform ourselves not only about those exotic superfoods, but also about locally grown food and its health benefits.

Some examples for local superfoods

There are lots of products we can easily get in middle Europe which are healthy, nutritious and contribute positively to our well-being. Just to name a few:

  • swiss chard
  • kale
  • spinach
  • potatoes
  • pumpkin seeds
  • linseeds
  • (brown) millet
  • barley
  • apples
  • berries
  • flaxseed oil
  • stinning nettle tea

I think it would be necessary to pay those foods more attention, growing in our own gardens and near surroundings.

The question about nutrients and variety

Some may argue, that nutrients are higher concentrated in some of the so called superfoods and should therefore be preferred over others. Maybe the thing about concentration is true, but who really wants to eat the same kind of grain, veggies and fruits without any change or variety? Don’t get me wrong, adding superfoods to your diet is a good thing, as they are proven to be healthy, but still this does not mean that they are much more healthy than other foods and that you should stick to consuming them and forget about all the other healthy ingredients the earth is giving to us. Therefore, cooking and eating is much more fun if you vary the items in your pantry and definitely helps you finding out what food is good for your individual body and what isn’t.

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Find out which foods are super for your own body

The last point I’ve just made is a very essential one. Every body is different and therefore not all bodies are designed to tolearte ingredients the same way. I made this experience last autumn, as I added goji berries to my breakfast bowls and my skin started getting red immedietley which made me feel very uncomfortable until I found out what the problem was. Therefore, I came to realize that only because it’s a superfood it might not please every single body which means there’s the same rule for superfoods as for any other ingredients: try them and find out how super they are for you as an individual person. Some might make you feel good, others may not. Being called a superfood doesn’t make them infallible at the same time.

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Superfoods I enjoy

But I’ve made other experiences, too. I really like adding chia seeds to my meals, as they contain a lot of essential nutrients and make me feel full for a long time. Besides, they are a very good substitute for eggs which is awesome. It’s the same with linseeds, I couldn’t imagine not adding them to my diet as they are helping digestion. I also like using coconut oil for baking, as it’s cholesterol-free and not too dominante in taste which makes it suitable for any recipe really. Examples for recipes where superfoods I like are combined, are my millet porridge with coconut milk, quinoa granola barssuperfood bagels or my bircher muesli.

Superfood Bagels

To sum up my thoughts about superfoods

Summing up, superfoods are healthy but we must not forget (and I think we are tending to forget) that other ingredients, even those sounding less exotic, are really healthy, too, fuelling us with loads of nutrients. The most essential thing is, to try different kinds of food in order to find out what our individual bodies enjoy and which ingredients are good for us, no matter whether these ingredients are hyped by being named a superfood or not. What’s important is to get informed about where to get which nutrients from and to keep our diets healthy, everything in a way our individual bodies enjoy.

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