Warming Winter Breakfast Recipes

porridge with warm cinnamon apples (2)

Today it’s Christmas Day. Finally. Many of us have been awaiting this date for a very long time. The last years it’s always been the same in terms of weather: no snow on Christmas Eve. It finally got colder after Christmas holidays. Therefore, I thought I should put a list together including all breakfast ideas, that will make you feel warm on especially cold winter days and will give your body a good kick-start. I hope you’ll like my ideas and maybe there’ll be the chance to try the one or another recipe during Christmas break. Having a warming breakfast in my stomach (today I had yummy porridge with apple and roasted cinnamon nuts) I wish you all a very Merry Christmas with all your dearest people around you and relaxing holidays!

stewed coconut apples with granola (2)

Winter-Breakfast # 1: Stewed Coconut-Apples with Granola

A real highlight are my stewed coconut-apples, topped with crunchy granola. I hardly ever feel as warm as after a bowl of this goodness. It’s absolutely easy to make a large pot of this, including more than just one serving, making it possible to serve it to the whole family or at least to let them all try. What you need to consider when buying coconut milk, you can find in a post I made last summer. You get it by simply clicking here.

Get the recipe here: Stewed Coconut-Apples with Granola

Porridge barley orange pomegranate (3)

Winter-Breakfast# 2: Barley Porridge with Oranges and Pomegranates

Barley has turned from an unknown grain to one of my absolute favourites during the last few weeks. I use it as an alternative to oats for porridge, like here in combination with oranges and pomegranates. A must during winter: dried fruits. Always. Everywhere. And above all for breakfast.

Get the recipe here: Barley Porridge with Oranges and Pomegranates

porridge with warm cinnamon apples (1)

Winter-Breakfast # 3: Porridge with Warm Cinnamon-Apples

I think this is the version for breakfast I have most of the times. The best thing about it are the apples, which I roast in coconut oil. This doesn’t only taste beyond delicious, but is also a boost for your digestive system. Above all, it’s prepared really quickly, meaning it’s perfect for a long day at uni, school or work!

Get the recipe here: Porridge with Warm Cinnamon-Apples

oatmeal baked apple raspberry and raisin (3)

Winter-Breakfast # 4: Baked Oatmeal

Baked Oatmeal is a highlight when you don’t have breakfast on your own but with at least one more person. I like making it at weekends most, as I do have the necessary time then. Besides, it’s ideal for a brunch, where you place an oven-proof dish filled with baked oatmeal next to all other kinds of goodness on the table, making it possible for all to get some.

Get the recipe here: Baked Apple, Raspberry and Raisin Oatmeal

pancakes buttermilk chocolate (2)

Winter-Breakfast # 5: Pancakes with Stewed Fruits

Step by step we reach breakfast options, that aren’t somewhat liquid but still really warming. I love making my oatmeal-pancakes, chocolate-pancakes or my chickpea-pancakes in the morning and topping them with warm fruits. Ideal would be stewed fruits like my plum compote I posted together with my raisin scones some time ago. But in fact, you can use any kind of fruits that’s in season. I like warmed berries (in winter I only use frozen ones) or pear, too.

Get the recipes here:




Plum Compote

porridge pumpkin spice (1)

Winter-Breakfast # 6: Pumpkin Spice Porridge with Berries and Raw Cacao

After a quick excursion into the world of non-porridge-breakfast-ideas, I rather turn back to my favourite kinds of wintery breakfast. I especially like porridge cooked with veggies like pumpkin. Still, this is a sweet thing and therefore veggies provide a really special and delicious touch.

Get the recipe here: Pumpkin Spice Porridge with Berries and Raw Cacao

porridge sweet grapefruit (3)

Winter-Breakfast # 7: Sweet Grapefruit Porridge

Citrus fruits are typical for winter. During the last few years I’ve come to like grapefruit more and more, although I didn’t like it at all before. In this version of porridge I combined it with plant-milk and raisins, making the slightly bitter taste of grapefruit less dominant. Especially for those of you who are sceptical concerning grapefruit, this porridge could be a possibility to make a little step towards a positive impression of this citrus fruit.

Get the recipe here: Sweet Grapefruit Porridge

hot chocolate vegan (4)

Winter-Breakfast # 8: Hot Chocolate, Nuts and Fruits for busy ones

The amount of week-days has already been fulfilled, but still I want to complete my list with an idea for really busy people. In order to get enough nutrients even on days you’re in a hurry, there’ld be the possibility of making my vegan hot chocolate with raw cacao powder and nut milk. For vitamins you get a piece of fruit and for some further protein and healthy fats, I’ld suggest roasted cinnamon nuts, which you better prepare at the weekend in order to store a few servings in you cupboard. Why raw cacao is called a “superfood”, you can read in my blog post about homemade Hazelnut-Chocolate-Spread.

Get the recipes here:

Delicious vegan Hot Chocolate

Roasted Cinnamon Nuts

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