Natural Ways to Cure a Nasty Hangover

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I’ve got a guilty conscience. No, I didn’t drink too much yesterday. Instead I didn’t manage to share this post about “How to cure a nasty hangover” with you before New Year’s Eve. But: After the party is before the party and as the end of the semester is coming nearer and nearer and I don’t know any student who doesn’t want to celebrate this in the one or the other way, like at a house party, in a club or at one of Vienna’s great balls in Hofburg or the town hall, I thought this might be a similarly good time to write about this topic. I hope I can share some tips that can help curing your head and stomach at least a little!

First: prevent a hangover

Eat the right things

One of the first things one learns about this topic is, that you should never drink anything alcoholic on an empty stomach. Still, at this point I need to sasy that it’s not only about having a quite full stomach, but also about what your stomach is filled with. What I personally would never leave out are carbs. Even though you might be on a low-carb-diet: having just a salad or a plate of veggies does hardly ever help to prevent a hangover. Mixing your salad or veggies with some wholemeal pasta though, make things look differently and way better.

Who is eating generally healthy, balanced and rich won’t feel a few sips or glasses of alcohol as much as someone with poor nutrition. Yes, even in a blog post about what to do agains a hangover, some words about healthy eating must not be missing!

Don’t mix drinks

This might also be a sentence one gets to hear early and for good reason, I think. It does definitely make a difference whether you stay with one kind of drink all evening or mixing up drinks permanently.

Having a glass of water every now and then can also help preventing a hangover, as your body won’t dehydrate that quickly.

Keep an eye on time

I can’t come up with a scientific explanation here, but with experience for years: drinking only water from midnight on has always worked such a way that me or my friends didn’t feel anything at all the day after a party.

In general you can read quite often that it’s wise to stop drinking alcohol a few hours before going to sleep.

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When it’s too late: Curing a hangover naturally

1. Drink a lot

Now it’s important to drink a lot of water in order to flush out the remaining alcohol out of your body. Mineral water is a good remedy as well because of all the minerals it contains. But be careful, as carbonated drinks might irritate your stomach too easily.

Sometimes even a glass of milk or butter milk can help, both before going to sleep and the next morning. Sounds horrible? Well, it helps though!

A good tip is brewed water with freshly grated ginger and lemon! I usually make a tea pot of this drink for breakfast. It’s really nice in combination with leaves of green tea, too. It will give your digestion a kick-start!

Calming down your stomach furthermore works by having herbal tea. My personal tip is to brew your tea in a cup and once it’s ready, transfer the tea into a pot and fill up with hot water. This way, your tea is less intense and I’ve made the experience that this is especially soothing the stomach.

One last tip: freshly pressed orange juice. I’ve heared from quite a lot of people that this can heal a hangover very quickly. But try yourself what works best.

2. Eat sour and salty things

Eating sour and salty things can help making your body feel better after partying. My tip is to make sure that leftovers are in the fridge, so you can have them for breakfast. Also tomatoes with herbs and salt, cucumber – raw or pickled – or avocado are nice remedies. Bread with a nice dip or spread has also managed to save the day after many times. The most important thing is to keep your food as rich in nutrients as possible. Making sure your food contains protein and good fats (unsaturated plant-based fats) is an advantage, too!

I wrote a list with dishes or small things that can help curing a hangover naturally, without having to use medicamentation. Of course, I can’t guarantee that these tips will have positive impacts on your bodies, too. But each of them is worth a try!

Leftovers from the other day

Quick hangover breakfast

3. Or could rather honey be your remedy?

Honey and hangover? Think they don’t fit together? That was what I thought first, too, when I read this in a cook book. But honey can really help curing a grumpy stomach and saying goodbye to a hangover. Still, I’ld listen to your body and whether it would rather have something savoury or simple pancakes with honey. Feeding the body what it wants and needs is always a good tip, but an even better one when you’re hangover.

If it needs to be prepared quickly, you can make pancakes out of flour and water only. If you’re fit enough to use some more ingredients, you could have a look at my recipe for Oatmeal Panckes or for Fluffy Blueberry Pancakes.

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Some more tips apart from food and drinks

1. Get enough sleep

Apart from treating your organs right, sleep might be one of the most important things after a party night. I think one can hardly get enough of it then.

2. Get out in the open air

Having a walk out in the fresh air is aways a good thing to do in order to get fit again quickly, no matter what season is on.

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