A Hobby in Spring: Sprouting

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I’ve got a new hobby: sprouting! Sounds boring? Or complicated? I must say: neither nor! All you need is a jar or a sieve, seeds, water and some patience. You don’t even need green fingers, of which I’m really glad because it wouldn’t work as good as it does then. How to grow your own sprouts you can read in this article!

Sprouting: what you need

  • a sieve, a sprouting jar * with a sieve-like lid or another empty jar with a leaky lid
  • seeds like alfalfa or radish seeds, grains like buckwheat or legumes like beans or lentils
  • a drainer (I use a slim tupper box, but just be creative what you could use)

Sprouting step by step

1. Soak 2-3 tablespoons of seeds, legumes or grains for about 12-15 hours in water.

2. Drain soaked seeds, legumes or grains.

3. Fill seeds, legumes or grains in a sprouting jar (you can get them at health stores for example) or a homemade jar for sprouting (think a big, clean jar with a leaky lid), drain and rinse with water and place the jar in a drainer upside down.

4. Repeat draining and rinsing in the morning and in the evening the following days.

5. After about 5 days (depending on the kind of seeds and legumes you’re sprouting) you can harvest your sprouts. The moment they are ready you can simply see by noticing that they’ve grown and are now using up all the space in the jar.

sprouting (2)asprouting1 (1)

Seeds, legumes and grains I like to sprout

This is a small but fine list with seeds, legumes and grains I like using for sprouting.

  • fenugreek seeds
  • alfalfa seeds
  • mustard seeds
  • radish seeds
  • buckwheat
  • lentils
  • adzuki beans

As you can get all these samples and loads of other kinds of seeds and stuff all year, you don’t need to wait until you can buy these tiny green plants in stores, but can grow them yourself all year long, no matter whether it’s spring, summer, autumn or even winter!

But be careful: It won’t work with seeds like flaxseeds or chia seeds as they are forming a gel when combined with water!

Links for more information about sprouting

Guide To Soaking and Sprouting” by Nutrition Stripped
Meine kleine Farm: Vom Sprossen ziehen über Keimlinge ernten bis hin zu “gschmackigem” Buchweizensalat” by Individualisten.at

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