Balancing DIY Massage Oil.

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Soon it’s already November. For me, this is the first month of winter. I know a bunch of people who don’t really like the cold season. I’m definitely not counting myself to them. I have to say, that I like every season almost equally. I’m really looking forward to that feeling of retreat, calmness and inner warmth now that I’m strongly associating with winter. A part of this is taking time for yourself. Of course, this is something one should enhance all year around. Still, as I associate it with winter in particular, I’m now posting a DIY recipe for a balancing massage oil. You won’t need a lot of ingredients and it’s prepared easily and quickly.


Ingredients for 1 small bottle:
100ml organic almond oil (e.g. by BIOSelect)
2 drops of organic essential rosemary oil (e.g. by BIOSelect)
2 drops of organic essential lavender oil
2 drops of organic essential lemon oil (e.g. by BIOSelect)

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Pour almond oil into a jar or another high-ish container.

Carefully add ethereal oils drop per drop.

Mix everything well by tossing.

Transfer the massage oil to a bottle and close well.

My nose finds three different functions of oils here: rosemary oil smells a bit tangy, lavender oil has a rather sweet smell and lemon oil brings some freshness. To my sensation this mixture is really nice and balanced.
If you’re not sure whether you’ll like this mix, first add only 1 drop of the first oil, toss and smell. Then repeat this with the other oils step by step. If you like, you can add one more drop of each oil. But be careful, as it can quickly become an intense smell and also take care of your dermatological tolerance.

Calmterra BIOSelect gave me these products for free to test. Thank you very much!


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