4 Ways to Use Dried Orange Peel. DIY.

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Have you ever dried orange peel? Easy, right? But what to do with it? Read four ideas in this post!

How to dry orange peel

#zerowaste style: don’t throw orange peel away. Better Keep and dry it.

Peel your orange and place peel on a kitchen towel.

Place the kitchen towel in a warm place, like near a heater. The peel will dry immediately.

If necessary, break the pieces of dried peel to make them smaller. Store in a jar in a dry place.

What to do with dried orange peel?

1. Make fragrant bags with dried orange and maybe some other spices like cinnamon sticks or cloves.

2. Use it for spicing up your food. Grate some orange peel and add to your dish of choice.

3. Make tea! Put some dried orange peel and maybe Ingwer and/or other herbs or dried fruits in a tea pot (with or without filter) and add boiling water. Let flavours dissolve a little and then enjoy your fresh fruits and herb tea.

4. Add some grated dried orange peel to your homemade peeling. A recipe for this will go online at the beginning of December!

Do you have some further ideas for using dried orange peel? I’ld be happy if you leave your idea in the comments!


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