Creamy Pumpkin Zucchini Pasta

Autumn is here! That means: pumpkin season – finally! I am busy doing my weekly pre-cooking sessons for my work days: carb source, protein sources and veggies in different variations. Saves time and tastes good! :-) This week I also made this pasta and it tasted so good that I decided to publish it here! Enjoy!

makes 2-3 portions (depending on your hunger ;-) )

for the pasta:
200g wholemeal pasta (f.e. penne)
1 zucchini

for the sauce:
1 garlic toe
1/2 onion
1/2 butternut-pumpkin
3 tablespoons of sour cream, kesam or quark (or a vegan alternative)
some water
1 handful of parsley
some curry powder
some ground cinnamon
some olive oil

grated cheese (vegan or dairy)

food-pasta-creamy-pumpkin (2)

Pasta & Zucchini:
Cut zucchini in sticks (f.ex. size of the pasta).
Boil water in a pot. Add salt
Once the water is cooking, add pasta, some minutes after zucchini sticks. Cook both until pasta is al dente.
Drain the water.

Heat some olive oil in a pot.
Hack garlic and onion in tiny cubes, then add to the pot and fry.
Chop pumpkin into cubes and add to the pot, poor some water and simmer until pumpkin is soft. Just checkt with a fork. Season with some currypowder and ground cinnamon.
Transfer the pumpkin into a bowl or onto a plate and let it cool down a bit.
Put pumpkin, sour cream/kesam/quark or a vegan alternative, some water, salt and pepper into a blender and blend until creamy. Alternatively you can also use a hand blender. Season with more spice, salt and pepper to taste.

Mix sauce, pasta and zucchini and slightly heat up once more. Add chopped parsley.
Grate cheese.

Serve in bowls with some extra pepper and grated cheese.

Seasons: autumn, winter

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