Who else is a coconut fan? If you are thinking “meee” now, then this is definitely a recipe for you. It’s a dreamy creamy coconut
porridge with grated pear, perfect for a cold autumn or winter morning to get yourself warm and ready for the day. I hope you like it as much as I do!

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Souping 101

food-soup-broccoli-cucumber (2)
Last week I tried one further way of fasting: souping.
Until then I had only tried alkaline dieting and juicing. As the intermediate season like between autumn and winter is really suitable for doing a cleanse, I decided to do one again, but in another way. Read here how souping works, how I felt during these days and what foods and drinks I had.
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Sugar-free Chia-Plum-Jam

food-chia-zwetschgen-marmelade (5)
In autumn figs and plums are my absolute favourite fruits. I had loads of plums in my freezer because I needed to store them well when I had to go to hospital for a few days. Therefore, I decided I need to make something out of these beauties. Of course, a compote would have been an option, but I wanted something more spectacular. Well, to be honest, a chia-jam isn’t that spectacular either and really simple, too. But it turned out really delicious, similar in taste as compote, but different in consistency and usable for lots of different meals. I hope you’ll have fun cooking and trying!

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Figs and Peach Salad. Or: How Salad works in Autumn.

food-salad-fig-peach-autumn (2)
I’m one of those people who are freezing easily, especially in autumn when the heater is not on yet, but temperatures can get really low. Still, if the sun is out – just as it has been during the last two weeks here in Vienna – I’m not tired of having some salad for lunch or dinner, even if I’ve got my thick socks on. So, here’s an easy but yummy late summer and autumn salad combo for you!
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Meet BIOSelect and a Prize Game.

This article is only available in German, as the content is only relevant for people based in Austria.

Zurück aus der Sommerpause. Endlich. Und ich muss sagen, ich habe sie genossen. So sehr ich das Bloggen auch mag, hin und wieder braucht es eine Pause. Ich nehme mal an, das verhält sich bei fast allen Dingen so. Urlaub muss einfach sein.
Dafür starte ich in diesen neuen Herbst mit etwas ganz Großartigem für euch: mit einem Gewinnspiel! Weiterlesen und mitmachen lohnt sich also!
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Digital Detox. Blog Break.

Hallo my dear readers,

finally it’s summer! For many of us this means: bye, bye home, hallo holidays! Same for me. That’s why I’m having a digital detox during summer, meaning a blog break!
On my Instagram– and Facebook-Account you’ll still see lots of inpo for cooking and a zero waste lifestyle, some life updates will be uploaded there, too! Come and say “Hi” there every now and then in order to be inspired by favourite blog ideas and my travels during the next two months!
Have a wonderful and relaxing summer!

The Green Bowl

Eco and Minimalistic Travels. A Try.

lifestyle-travels-minimal-eco (5)
Der Zero Waste bzw. Nachhaltigkeits-Vorsatz begleitet mich nicht nur daheim durch den Tag oder am Weg von meiner Wohnung zur Uni. Überlegungen dazu reichen definitiv weiter; diesmal bis rüber ins Himalaya-Vorland und zum Indischen Ozean. Das ist ein schönes Stück, das nicht so ohne weiteres und ohne Konsequenzen zurückgelegt werden kann. Wie man so eine Reise ein bisschen mehr im Sinne von ökologischem Bewusstsein gestalten kann, dazu gibt’s hier ein paar Überlegungen.
Spoiler: What’s in my bag?!?
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Amaranth and Coconut Porridge with Strawberries

Two weeks ago i found a wonderful breakfast recipe over at a TCM blog that I needed to try immediately and since then I’ve been eating this (well, a bit varified though) every morning This is just the perfect make-ahead breakfast and lasts literally three minutes in the morning, if at all!
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