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Inspiration from the Archive: Hallo Spring 2016!

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Finally spring is here! This time of the year my cooking mood changes a lot, from warming coconut milk curries to light soups and colourful salads. I browsed through my archive and found many recipes just perfect for spring. Have fun having a look at my spring recipe list I created for you in this post!
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A Hobby in Spring: Sprouting

sprouting (3)
I’ve got a new hobby: sprouting! Sounds boring? Or complicated? I must say: neither nor! All you need is a jar or a sieve, seeds, water and some patience. You don’t even need green fingers, of which I’m really glad because it wouldn’t work as good as it does then. How to grow your own sprouts you can read in this article!
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Colourful Spring Salad

salad spring (1)

After two family come-togethers for tea time during the last days where cakes and loads of sweets were served, I’m craving a light salad including lots of greens and spring veggies. This is a recipe for a salad made of cold and hot ingredients, which makes a perfect meal for the current April weather, changing from snow into warming sunshine within a few minutes.

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Coconut-Quark-Cream with Seasonal Fruit Sauce

food-topfen-kokos-creme (3)
I’ld be lying if I said I wasn’t a dessert-person. Often I wish it was different. But dessert is mostly just too good to leave out. Just like this one. The best thing is, that it can be varied easily, depending on the season, making it possible to serve this one all year around. I love the fresh taste of quark cream and fruits and think it’s lighter than most other desserts and starchy cakes. I hope you’ll like it as much as I do!

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The best Good-Night-Drink

food-good-night-drink (5)
Who knows it from his/her childhood: not being able to sleep and then a cup of hot milk with honey makes everything better? I had this often when I was a kid. Now I found an even better hot drink, that is vegan and better for you concerning TCM. Here’s the recipe!
(Especially in times I’m really busy this drink helps me to calm down – it really does wonders!)
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Zero Waste Vegetable Broth

food-veggie-broth-zero-waste (1)
A few months ago I found and shared a video on Facebook showing how to make broth from veggie scraps. Sure, you could possibly brew it from proper broth veggies, but why not keep edible scraps and use them? What this means and how it works I’m sharing here with you!
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Sugar-Free Rhubarb Muffins

food-rhabarber-muffins (5)
Opinions differ concerning rhubarb. I really can’t understand why someone can’t stand rhubarb because I simply love it. The best thing ever is rhubarb strudel my granny makes. It doesn’t taste better anywhere else, really. That’s why I didn’t dare trying a strudel recipe and stick to the simple instead: Muffins! They are made quickly, simple in the making, perfectly transportable and you can even freeze them. Many aspects speaking pro rhubarb muffins. And above all: sugar-free and absolutely delicious!
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