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Sugar-free Chia-Plum-Jam

food-chia-zwetschgen-marmelade (5)
In autumn figs and plums are my absolute favourite fruits. I had loads of plums in my freezer because I needed to store them well when I had to go to hospital for a few days. Therefore, I decided I need to make something out of these beauties. Of course, a compote would have been an option, but I wanted something more spectacular. Well, to be honest, a chia-jam isn’t that spectacular either and really simple, too. But it turned out really delicious, similar in taste as compote, but different in consistency and usable for lots of different meals. I hope you’ll have fun cooking and trying!

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Green Parsley and Mint Hummus

hummus mint parsley (4)
Plain Hummus is a really yummy thing. Still, eating is even more fun if you try to vary your hummus recipe. In stores you can buy various kinds of hummus: coriander-lime, curry, mango, beetroot and so on. I tried a new combination and I need to say: it’s beyond delicious!
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Yellow Peas Spread

spread yellow peas (2)

When I was in Britain with three friends in mid December, I bought uncooked peas instead of lentils at Tesco’s. This is what happens when you neither read precisely what’s standing on the package nor have a look what’s inside. I brought the peas to Austria then and used them for curry or other stews. But, as always, you can make completely different things as well, like a yummy spread, that’s absolutely simple but really nice in taste!

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Raw Cinnamon Cashew Butter

cashew cinnamon butter (5)

I thought at the beginning of the new year it’s time for one further basic recipe, in order to stock up your ideas for yummy everyday meals. I don’t know what you think but I’m a huge fan of cashews. You can’t only munch them right out of the bag, but also make cake layers, desert creams and nut butter out of them. I’ld like to show you the latter today. You’ll see, there’s hardly anything easier than this!

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Vegan Rocket Pesto with Brazil Nuts and Where to Buy Vegan Pesto

pesto rocket with brazil nuts 1

Eating pesto when you’re vegan? If you have a look at supermarkets, you might have to walk away again because most of their pestos aren’t suitable. I’ve come to that point that I’m not sad anymore if something like this happens, because I rather have a look which green stuff I’ve got in the fridge, combine it with olive oil and make pesto myself. Sounds simple, is simple.

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Thai-Curry and Bean Spread

spread thai curry (3)

As I’ve written in a longer post not so long ago, it’s absolutely easy to make spreads yourself. One of my newest creations is this one. My parents got me an incredible thai curry powder from their holiday in Germany and I didn’t use it for curry in the first place, but for flavouring fresh spread made of beans. I think, this is one of my best spreads I’ve ever made and I won’t let pass much time until a new batch of this is going into my fridge.

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Spicy Curry-Lentil-Spread

spread curry lentil (3)

I thought I should bring some variation into my weekly spread production, so I didn’t make hummus this time, but a lovely spicy curry-lentil-spread. It’s absolutely easy to make and you can always be sure, that there are only good ingredients inside. If you are not sure how to make different kinds of spreads and what to use as a base, I will post a blog entry about how to make the perfect spread within minutes, so stay tuned. Until then you could try this one, I’m sure you’ll like it.

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Healthy Hazelnut-Chocolate-Spread and some words on Raw Cacao Powder

nutella healthy (4)

I have to admit that when I was a child, I liked nutella. I used to have it on toast with butter. Yes, you read that right. I don’t know how I could have consumed nutella with butter, but it’s true. The older I got, the less I liked this spread, as I don’t really like the taste of chocolate in the morning and I’ld rather have something savoury or fruity the rest of the day, but nothing like a chocolatey spread. Still, I wanted to create a recipe for a healthy nutella, as I dare to say that my sister is kind of a nutella-addict and I wanted to produce a healthy version of this spread for her birthday. It was great fun making this and I need to say, that it’s really delicious. Above all, it consists of natural and healthy ingredients only, making it absolutely guilt-free.

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