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Homemade Pickles with Mustard Seeds

pickles with musterad seeds (3)

I’ve been in an experimenting mood lately. For example, I remembered that my relatives pickle veggies out of their own garden and these things always taste really good. Therefore, I asked them how they are doing this and tried to pickle cucumber myself. I’m really happy with the result and will, as soon as my glass is empty, make a new one. The good thing is that you can vary what kinds of veggies you pickle or which spices you use for taste. I’ld like to show you my version of pickles, but it’s possible to use a lot more. It’s all about creativity here!

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Thanksgiving Stuffing

Here is one further guest recipe from my American flatmate. It’s a traditional recipe and it’s vegan, containing lots of green vegetables and your favourite kind of soft bread. The most wonderful thing would be to bake one’s own vegan and healthy bread and making this wonderful stuffing out of it. Even if you won’t do this, the recipe just tastes delicious!

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Sweet Potato and Orange Purée

puree sweet potato orange (1)

My current flatmate shared the idea for the recipe for this purée with me, I changed her version a bit though. I fell in love with it immediately. It’s so simple, but so delicious at the same time. I always thought that it’s only possible to serve a nice and stunning Thanksgiving dinner if you are an owner of a huge kitchen with lots of different utensils. But the preparation of our Thanksgiving dinner with my flatmates showed to me, that this is not true at all. This made me so happy, really!

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Sweet Potato Wedges

sweet potato cinnamon wedges cymera

This is a great warming side dish or snack, perfect for any time in autumn or winter! I could have this nearly everyday, as I really fell in love with sweet potatoes this season. The best thing: they are not only extremely delicious, but also super healthy, providing healthy carbohydrates, for example. Of course, they do have a lot more health benefits. Just search for them on the internet and you’ll be astonished how great they are!

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White Cabbage Salad

salad white cabbage (3)

One of my most favourite salads of this winter was and still is this white cabbage salad. It tastes perfectly fine with any kind of savoury dumplings or pies. I once made them with spelt dumplings, stuffed with leek and spinach. Sadly, those weren’t pretty at all. I really need to work on my dumpling-making skills. As soons as I’ve managed to make beautiful ones, I’ll post the recipe here. Until then, I also enjoy my white cabbage salad on its own or as a sider for a variety of savoury dishes, like veggie cakes, in combination with homemade bread rolls, scones or bagels and a nice savoury spread or really anything you can think of!

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Parsnip Sticks with Chili

parsnip sticks cymera - Kopie

These parsnip sticks somehow look like fries, but taste way better! They do a really good job as a side dish or quick and warm snack in between. Compared to fries, they are lighter, healthier and bigger in taste. Topped with some chili flakes, they are awesome!

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Cooked Red Cabbage

cabbage cooked red new (2)

A warming side dish or salad on a cold day, reminding me of Austria! I often combine this dish with other veggies, such as sweet potatoes. What I think is really delicious is to have this cooked red cabbage with sweet potato wedges. I had this combo really often this winter and I never got bored, as it tastes so delicious and makes you feel warm and full for a long time!

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