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Homemade Crispbread

knäckebrot (5)
I seem like being at home in Scandinavia recently: on Sunday I posted a recipe for finnish Karjalanpiirakka, today it’s cripsbread. Well, what shall I do otherwise with all this yummy stuff?
Crispbread is one of those things I’ve got at home a lot these days, especially because you can easily store it for some time and is the ideal go-to-snack. Therefore, I tried to make it myself. Here you are!
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Karjalanpiirakka: Finnish Rice Pies

karajanpiirakka (3)karajanpiirakka (4)
Finally. Finally I managed to bake my favourite finnish pastry and share it with you. The name is, as we all know it very well from finnish words, is long, very long; and kind of difficult to remember. But you won’t ever forget the taste! In general, they tend to taste very neutral, often layered with a butter and egg mixture, which I changed a bit. Instead, I used some coconut sugar and created a sweet variation with berries, nuts and buckwheat. Result: so yummy and so simple!
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Mushroom and Parsley Tarts

tarts mushroom parsley (1)tarts mushroom parsley (3)
This is one of my most favourite recipes this spring. The combination of mushrooms, parsley and spring onions is just fantastic and I could eat these ingredients nearly every day. These tarts are gluten-free, anything but starchy and ideal for serving guests, as they are the perfect finger food. I hope you enjoy baking them – they are super easy to make!
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Indian Potato Flatbread from “DariaDaria Cooks”

flatbread indian potato (2)

This time I was lazy. I don’t have any of my own recipes to share with you. Still, I tried something totally new: Indian potato flatbread. Where I’ve got the idea from? From the E-Book “DariaDaria Cooks”, written by Madeleine, the blogger behind the popular Austrian blog DariaDaria. Madeleine was kind and gave me her E-Book in order to write some words about it for you on my blog and to present you my most favourite recipe out of her book. And there we go!

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Gluten-free Chickpea-Pumpkin-Bread

bread chickpea pumpkin glutenfree (1)

I’ve started a new little project: I’m testing gluten-free flours in order to be able to inform all of you about my experience and thoughts concerning taste and ways to use them by the end of winter. I tried a gluten-free flour mixture last year, which you get in many grocery stores, and was amazed neither concerning colour nor taste. Therefore, I think it could be interesting especially for my readers with gluten intolerance, but also for all other foodies, to read some thoughts and facts about alternative, delicious and even healthy kinds of gluten-free flour. I made my very first experience with a rather exotic one: chickpea flour!

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Pizza Dough Sticks with Sundried Tomatoes and Olives

pizza dough sticks (3)

The new semester has nearly begun and this doesn’t only mean attending new courses at university but also, that there are a lot of semester-opening-parties ahead. If those parties are private or if you’re planning so called pre-drinks, which normally shouldn’t be mentioned on a blog about healthy eating, sorry for that, one needs little treats to munch on. I wouldn’t choose any bought things, so I’m always baking something nice: just like these pizza dough sticks. It’s the perfect finger-food, tasting moreish!

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The Best Beetroot Bread

bread beetroot (2)

First of all I need to thank my dear friend Christopher from Germany, who asked me whether I had ever tried beetroot bread this summer. Unfortunately I had to say no. So he showed some online recipes to me and I thought they all sounded great. I did some research myself then and finally made my own version of beetroot bread. I’m absolutely amazed by the result! I think this will be my standard thing from now on, if someone’s coming for a visit. Try it, it’s super soft and simply delicious

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Pizza Rolls and the Advantage of Wholemeal Flour

pizza rolls (2)

This is a recipe suggestion for one of the best party food options. As there’s hardly anyone who doesn’t like the taste of pizza, these rolls would be ideal for all types of foodies. As I’ve written in my recipe suggestion for flaxseed pizza crust, I don’t like traditional pizza that much, because it’s really starchy and simply unhealthy with all that cheese and white flour. It’s different with my own pizza rolls, as they are made of wholemeal flour and completely free from cheese or any other animal products. I simple love them and I hope you will, too.

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