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Blueberry Tart (new & improved!)

familienfest (4)

The recipe for blueberry tarte was one of the oldest one on the blog, first posted sometime in 2014. This year I baked it for a family event and changed the recipe a bit. I must say, although it’s not a lot of work to make it, the taste is absolutely lovely!

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Coconut-Quark-Cream with Seasonal Fruit Sauce

food-topfen-kokos-creme (3)
I’ld be lying if I said I wasn’t a dessert-person. Often I wish it was different. But dessert is mostly just too good to leave out. Just like this one. The best thing is, that it can be varied easily, depending on the season, making it possible to serve this one all year around. I love the fresh taste of quark cream and fruits and think it’s lighter than most other desserts and starchy cakes. I hope you’ll like it as much as I do!

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Sugar-Free Rhubarb Muffins

food-rhabarber-muffins (5)
Opinions differ concerning rhubarb. I really can’t understand why someone can’t stand rhubarb because I simply love it. The best thing ever is rhubarb strudel my granny makes. It doesn’t taste better anywhere else, really. That’s why I didn’t dare trying a strudel recipe and stick to the simple instead: Muffins! They are made quickly, simple in the making, perfectly transportable and you can even freeze them. Many aspects speaking pro rhubarb muffins. And above all: sugar-free and absolutely delicious!
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Sugar-free Muesli Bars with mymuesli (& Give-Away!)

food-muesli-bars-mymuesli (1)
As some of you may have seen, I’ve tried new mueslis from mymuesli. I’ve always loved the idea of creating your very own muesli, as you can do it with this company and I used this idea as Gifts for friends several times. What I didn’t like was that they did sometimes contain added sugars. The new mymuesli-campaign is different: it’s completey sugar-free and free from all other kinds of nasty additives. I also got to know their holistic nutrition- and sport’s plan which is all part of their 6-week-campaign to a healthy lifestyle. They created three different mueslis as well as a book where it’s all about getting on track, not dieting, but leading a fit and healthy lifestyle in every sense. I’m giving away the full package in this blog post and sharing a recipe for muesli bars I created using their sugar-free muesli!
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Banana & Hazelnut Bars with Dates from Dattelbär

food-banana-hazelnut-bars (3)food-banana-hazelnut-bars (7)
I hope I’m not wrong when I say I’m the greatest date-lover here. (Please do correct me if I am wrong ;-) ) Anyway: since I’ve managed to get away from eating chocolate, dates might be my new vice. Well, what can I do…
Here in Austria, we’ve got an online-shop for date products. Yes, you read that right. The company is called Dattelbär and they sell ordinary dates, date paste, date syrup and goodies like chocolate dates, without any added sugars. I tried them and they are Hands down some of the best sweet treats I’ve ever tried! But more in this post!
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Cacao and Lavender Muffins

kakao-lavendel-muffins (2)
Healthy muffins are one of those yummy things I’ve almost always at home. Not that I’m baking all the time, no, I do have them in stock in my freezer. This is a really practical thing, as they are thawed very quickly (like in the oven for a few minutes, on the toaster, overnight), you can transport them easily, making them a wonderful on-the-go-snack and you’ve always got something sweet but still healthy at home. One of my latest muffin creation are these cacao and lavender muffins and they taste really, really good!
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No to sticky Easter-sweets, yes to Honey and Almond Biscuits

food-honey-almond-biscuits (3)food-honey-almond-biscuits (6)
It’s Easter in less than a month. Crazy. We have just celebrated Christmas. But well, sometimes you have to take it as it is and play the game. I’ld like to present a recipe for an alternative to sticky easter-treats: honey and almond biscuits. They take no time to make, are sugar-free, palmoil-free and really delicious! You don’t always need to buy your loved ones sweets that are wrapped in plastic and so on, but can also make them yourself!
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Healthy Peanutbutter Bites

peanutbutter-bites (2)
Actually I could name this bites “snickers”-bites. But I don’t want to plagiate owned names. Therefore peanutbutter-bites. Makes the same in the end, with the one difference, that in my version it really is only peanut butter (without additives) on the inside, dates on the outside and one layer further it’s homemade chocolate glaze. Super easy, super delicious!
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