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Souping 101

food-soup-broccoli-cucumber (2)
Last week I tried one further way of fasting: souping.
Until then I had only tried alkaline dieting and juicing. As the intermediate season like between autumn and winter is really suitable for doing a cleanse, I decided to do one again, but in another way. Read here how souping works, how I felt during these days and what foods and drinks I had.
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Zero Waste Vegetable Broth

food-veggie-broth-zero-waste (1)
A few months ago I found and shared a video on Facebook showing how to make broth from veggie scraps. Sure, you could possibly brew it from proper broth veggies, but why not keep edible scraps and use them? What this means and how it works I’m sharing here with you!
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Quick and Creamy Tomato Soup

Not so long ago I posted this picture of tomato soup with a dollop of millet and herbs on Instagram. I prepared it within seconds and didn’t actually think of using the recipe for the blog. But it was so delicious that I couldn’t keep me from sharing it with you! Here it is!
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Creamy Apple and Celeriac Soup

apfel-sellerie-suppe (3)
May I present: my new favourite soup! Back in January it was my go-to-meal for some time, as I made a huge pot of soup and afterwards, my oven broke. So, what I had at home was soup and I had to have it cold. It did indeed taste very good cold, too. So I’m sharing this recipe with you today and I hope, you’ll like it as much as I do.
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Radish Green Soup with Dill

soup radish leaves w dill (2)green zero waste soup1
Did you know that you can eat radish leaves? Well, I hadn’t known for a long time but since I know, I like using them a lot – fitting the zero-waste lifestyle I try to live the best I can! In that sense: have fun cooking it and licking the bowl!
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Vegan 4-Course-Menu: Let the Sunshine in

paprika suppe (8)carpaccio (5)
David from the Facebook page “David kocht” and me again did some fabulous cooking together and created a really sunny vegn 4-course menu, right for start of spring. Everything tasted so good and I think, these sunny dishes will be on table more often!

Our vegan 4-Course-Menu

1. Course – Starter: Colourful Carpaccio with Wild Garlic

2. Course – Soup: Creamy Yellow Pepper Soup with Coconut Foam

3. Course – Main: Zoodles with Lentil-Bolognese

4. Course – Desert: Sweet Potato Chocolate Mousse with Raspberry Purée and Mango

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Creamy Pea-Soup with Two Types of Caraway

soup creamy pea (4)

There’s nothing better than a warming soup when you come out of the freezing cold into your home. The last few years I’ve been suffering from freezing extremly quickly, which is why I’m consuming warm meals and drinks almost always right now: warm lemon water, tea or just warm water. All main meals are warm, too, from breakfast until dinner. I feel really way this way and feel like being prepared for the cold season much better. This recipe is really yummy, provided that you like the taste of peas. I think that caraway, cumin and lemon juice provide a really nice combination of flavours. Why not try it yourself?

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Vegan and Creamy Pumpkin Soup

soup creamy pumpkin (2)

I think this is the ultimate autumn recipe: it’s warming, comforting, colourful and delicious. Since I’ve started a plant-based diet I’m amazed by the fact that you don’t need any dairy to make soups nice and creamy again and again. This recipe might be another proof for this experience. Still, I think it’s hard to prepare a fantastic pumpkin soup. My grandma makes the best one, of that I’m sure. What’s also a fact is, that pumpkin soup tastes different each time I prepare it. I guess it depends on the pumpkin to a great extent, maybe on the amount of spices, too. I’m hardly ever listing exact amounts of spices I use in my cooking, as everyone likes it in a slightly different way. Just try it and find the amount that fits your taste best.

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