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No to sticky Easter-sweets, yes to Honey and Almond Biscuits

food-honey-almond-biscuits (3)food-honey-almond-biscuits (6)
It’s Easter in less than a month. Crazy. We have just celebrated Christmas. But well, sometimes you have to take it as it is and play the game. I’ld like to present a recipe for an alternative to sticky easter-treats: honey and almond biscuits. They take no time to make, are sugar-free, palmoil-free and really delicious! You don’t always need to buy your loved ones sweets that are wrapped in plastic and so on, but can also make them yourself!
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Mince Pies: New and Improved!

mince pies (5)

I know, advent is long gone, but I’m still craving all those christmassy spices. Therefore, I’m still making mince pies, my absolutely favourite treats at this time of the year. This year, I changed and, as I find, improved my recipe. Have fun trying it!

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My Word for 2017 & NYE Menue

A few days ago I came across a wonderful blog post The Yoga Affair , where blogger Elvira introduced a wonderful alternative to new year’s resolutions vorstellt: a word, that will be your guide through your year. It works like a mantra which you should keep in mind, in various situations.
For me it took almost a day and a full blog entry until I had some ideas for “my word” in mind. My thoughts and an overview over what will be on my New Year’s Eve table you can find in this blog post. (hint: slow Food!)
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Pumpkin Pie: New and Improved!

Last year I posted a recipe for american pumpkin pie. I made it again this year, but differently. The new crust ist much sweeter and softer, which I find really good. I hope, you’ll think of it the same way when you try it – it’s the perfect desert at the moment, as it’s autumn and nearly winter!
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Vegan Carrot Cake with Cashew Frosting

cake carrot cashew frosting (1)cake carrot cashew frosting (5)
Easter Sunday we didn’t only have my carrot muffins I shared the other week, but also a super fluffly, juicy and sugar-free carrot cake. I did some research before and combined all infos, I found relevant, in a recipe I absolutely adore. Therefore, I need to share it with you now. I know, Easter is gone, but who says you could only have carrot cake during Easter break?!
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Carrot Muffins for the Easter Bunny

muffins carrot (8)muffins carrot (6)
Easter is coming, my dear readers, and what suits this festive come-together better than sweet treats and carrots? Therefore, I don’t want to beat about the bush for too long, but introduce you to my recipe for sugar-free but still sweet carrot muffins and wish you a lot of fun when baking them for upcoming Easter weekend!
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Vegan 4-Course-Menu: Let the Sunshine in

paprika suppe (8)carpaccio (5)
David from the Facebook page “David kocht” and me again did some fabulous cooking together and created a really sunny vegn 4-course menu, right for start of spring. Everything tasted so good and I think, these sunny dishes will be on table more often!

Our vegan 4-Course-Menu

1. Course – Starter: Colourful Carpaccio with Wild Garlic

2. Course – Soup: Creamy Yellow Pepper Soup with Coconut Foam

3. Course – Main: Zoodles with Lentil-Bolognese

4. Course – Desert: Sweet Potato Chocolate Mousse with Raspberry Purée and Mango

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Super Soft Beet Chocolate Cake

cake beet chocolate (3)cake beet chocolate (5)
Are you ready for the fudgiest and most delicious beetroot cake ever? Perfect, because I’ve got news for you: When I was in England last year, I went to Brighton with two lovely friends from Germany. We found a cozy little Café where they had a beyond delicious beetroot chocolate cake with a super creamy chocolate frosting. Since then I’ve always wanted to make something like this myself. As you might have already counted, more than a year has gone by since then. But finally I found time and an occasion – yes, Valentine’s Day is coming – to finally try a cake like this. And guess what? It turned out amazing!
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