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Upcoming Event: Body & Mind Cleansing Workshop

My lovely friend and favourite yoga teacher Lena and me are launching a “Body & Mind Cleansing Workshop” in Vienna, 26 June 2016! Join us and start fresh, energized and free from all kinds of toxines into your summer!
What this workshop is about, what to bring with you and where this amazing class is taking part, you can read in this post! We’re already looking forward to seeing you there!
The description is available in German only, as it’s a workshop taking place in Vienna only!
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Baking with Vienna Skill Smiths and a Recipe for Apple-Cinnamon-Galette

galette apfel zimt (2)
On January 17th in 2016, it was THE day: Vienna Skill Smiths made it possible to hold my very own and very first baking class. The topic was “simple vegan baking”, well, what else. It was all about sweet treats that are easy to make, as the title of the class tells itself. I would love to give you an insight in this baking class, what we did, what we talked and what we baked. Besides, I’m sharing a recipe for a delicious apple-cinnamon-galette with you!
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Bloggercamp Salt and the City 2015

SATC 15 (7)

I had such an amazing weekend last week: it was when Salt and the City took place, an event for bloggers in the Austrian city Salzburg. It was my first ever blogger event and therefore I was really excited. SATC15 lasted for three days, providing different activities each day: an instawalk through Salzburg on the first day, workshop sessions on the second and a trip to the countryside on the third one. I got much inspiration, loads of impressions and met many interesting people.

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