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Refreshing-christmassy DIY-Body-Peeling. Lavender, Orange & Lemon.

diy-body-peeling (1)
The past weeks it has become a bit quiet over here on the blog and on my social media channels – in contrast to my daily life, to be honest. I guess I have to balance this out, so a lot of things (or also: too many) things going on in life, balanced out a bit by keeping the blog and social media more quiet. Or whatever. Somehow, it’s a pity, but I think I couldn’t handle being fully active and attentive in both areas right now. As soon as life is becoming calmer again, I will have more head and time for the blog project again, for sure! But better posting little than nothing, right?
Right before Christmas I’m sharing a DIY-post for natural body care with you, presenting an idea for a sustainable, homemade Christmas gift. I’m a huge fan of body brushes and peelings and love experimenting with these things. This time, I combined citrus and lavender and that smells amazingly good! I hope you’ll having fun trying this out!
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Balancing DIY Massage Oil.

diy-massage-oil-balancing (3)
Soon it’s already November. For me, this is the first month of winter. I know a bunch of people who don’t really like the cold season. I’m definitely not counting myself to them. I have to say, that I like every season almost equally. I’m really looking forward to that feeling of retreat, calmness and inner warmth now that I’m strongly associating with winter. A part of this is taking time for yourself. Of course, this is something one should enhance all year around. Still, as I associate it with winter in particular, I’m now posting a DIY recipe for a balancing massage oil. You won’t need a lot of ingredients and it’s prepared easily and quickly.

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Meet BIOSelect and a Prize Game.

This article is only available in German, as the content is only relevant for people based in Austria.

Zurück aus der Sommerpause. Endlich. Und ich muss sagen, ich habe sie genossen. So sehr ich das Bloggen auch mag, hin und wieder braucht es eine Pause. Ich nehme mal an, das verhält sich bei fast allen Dingen so. Urlaub muss einfach sein.
Dafür starte ich in diesen neuen Herbst mit etwas ganz Großartigem für euch: mit einem Gewinnspiel! Weiterlesen und mitmachen lohnt sich also!
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Vegan DIY-Face Masks with Avocado and Dried Mud

Today I’ve got neither a recipe nor tips for living zero waste. Today it’s two vegan DIY-face masks you can easily make at home. The recipes for those are not written by me, but by Silke who writes over at where you can find a ton of tips for body care and natural body care! As I’m suffering from dry skin at the moment, a moistorizing face mask is just what I need! I hope you enjoy trying them out!
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Natural Body Care: My Favourite Products

body-drybrush (2)
As I’ve already written in my post about apps for scanning probably harmful cosmetics, I’ld like to show you which cosmetics I like using most. I think this is really important, as our health isn’t only influenced by what we put inside our body, but also by what we apply on it. Therefore, I’m sharing a list with brands and products I can warmly recommend!
This post is only written in German, as I’m mainly using Austrian and German brands. Therefore, it wouldn’t be that interesting for all of you not living in the German-speaking area!
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