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Eco and Minimalistic Travels. A Try.

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Der Zero Waste bzw. Nachhaltigkeits-Vorsatz begleitet mich nicht nur daheim durch den Tag oder am Weg von meiner Wohnung zur Uni. Überlegungen dazu reichen definitiv weiter; diesmal bis rüber ins Himalaya-Vorland und zum Indischen Ozean. Das ist ein schönes Stück, das nicht so ohne weiteres und ohne Konsequenzen zurückgelegt werden kann. Wie man so eine Reise ein bisschen mehr im Sinne von ökologischem Bewusstsein gestalten kann, dazu gibt’s hier ein paar Überlegungen.
Spoiler: What’s in my bag?!?
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Trying to find my style to avoid bad buys and waste of resources.

Letztens habe ich im Beitrag über 5 einfache Tipps zur Vermeidung von Fast Fashion auf verwiesen, als ich gemeint habe, es sei wichtig, sich über den eigenen Stil bewusst zu sein, um Fehlkäufe zu vermeiden. Darum hab mich mir gedacht, ich probiere Schritt für Schritt den Fragenkatalog zur Stilfindung durch. Nur um zu zeigen, wie das funktioniert, dass das funktioniert und dass das Sinn macht. Und um das alles auch für mich schwarz auf weiß zu haben. Und welche Konsequenz ich daraus ziehe bzw. zu ziehen habe.
Ganz im Sinne von: #zerowaste #wenigertutgut #fairfashion
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Zero Waste Vegetable Broth

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A few months ago I found and shared a video on Facebook showing how to make broth from veggie scraps. Sure, you could possibly brew it from proper broth veggies, but why not keep edible scraps and use them? What this means and how it works I’m sharing here with you!
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March Favourites (pure)

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I’m sorry for posting this that late. I’m nearly a full week behind, as I usually post my favourite products in the middle of the month.
This time, the motto seems to be “pure”. Just as with the other posts, there is a kind of thread, connecting my monthly favourites. Actually, I become aware of it the moment I wonder what I should put in breakets in the post title. Having said this, I wish you pure fun getting to know this month’s favourites.

1. Mein Wollke
Some of you might know Meine Wollke, at least if you’re based in Austria. It’s a company producing eco-panaty liners that fit to a zero-waste lifestyle as they are made of organic cotton.

2. Joss sticks from Fiore d’Oriente
Concerning joss sticks I’m really picky. Way too often the scent is too intensive, too one-sided or – in the worst case – it smells perfumed. I think joss sticks from Fiore d’Oriente are quite perfect! I bought them at ganzherzlich in Vienna, which is now Yogaria and located in the 8. district in Vienna. It’s possible they still have These joss sticks on sale, so pop by!

3. Hair and body soaps from Staudigl
I’ve made it through nearly two months of a no-poo routine. Don’t know what it means? Sticking to no-poo means you won’t use shampoo or shower gel, but wash hair and body with natural substances. My personal favourite in terms of price and performance are organic soaps by Seifen von Staudigl. They have different types of soaps and I’m trying some of them myself. Actually, you make it that Long with one Piece of soap that I’ve only tried one type by now. I’m curious about the others!

4. Natural deo-cream by achselkuss
I’ve already written about achselkuss here. I’m still very fond of it and got some more of it as I won’t switch to another brand. I can absolutely recommend it to all of you, male and female. It’s produced in Austria and made of natural ingredients.
You can read my full product review here: testing achselkuss

5. Doing pottery at potteria, Vienna
My sister and I got into a new creative thing: doing pottery! We went topotteria, a pottery lounge in Vienna’s third distrcit. Ist so much fun, I could spend all of my days there. It’s the perfect distraction from reading papers and writing my thesis. It’s totally freeing the mind!

Apple Muffins with Organic Apples from Bio Box

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I have done some baking again. Okay, to confess, it was the end of January, but this doesn’t really matter. One Friday morning I had a “Bio Box” from Lieferei in front on my door, filled with fruits and veggies from Adamah Biohof. This was one of the best “hallos” and start into a new day! I simply had to do something with this goodness in my kitchen the weekend after. One of the results of this kitchen-mania were these apple muffins – just too good!
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Zero Waste: DIY cotton pads

Just about two weeks ago I shared my Zero Waste Bucket List with you here. With that one I’ve officially started my project where I’m trying to say “no” to our throwaway society by trying to keep waste and plastic around me and in me (think micro plastic in ordinary cosmetics) to a minimum. One of the bullet points in my list was producing washable cotton pads myself. I read about on the internet and found a lot from crochetting to buying organic textiles online and sewing them. I finally did it a bit differently and I want to present my version here. Continue Reading

Going Zero Waste: Saying “no” to a Throwaway Society

Since the beginning of october it’s clear: I’m moving again. This time I’m moving out and in alone in my own flat. This was the reason that made me think about all the things that are important for my living, that must not be missing in my new flat and others I want to leave behind. I wrote down a list and I noticed one thing: the eco-aspect was really obvious concerning zero waste, sustainability, natural body care and avoidance of micro plastic (I’ve already written about this in another post). What this means for my future living I’ll show you in my zero-waste-bucket-list! A few useful links for ideas and Information about zero waste are listed below, too!
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