I’m very happy about the fact that there a lot of people interested in healthy living, cooking and eating and that more and more companies are focusing on these topics, too. I’m even more happy for the chance of working with these people and companies!

You too have an idea, product or message you want to bring to Readers, cooperating with me in sharing it? If so, don’t hesitate to contact me via e-mail: Alternatively, you could fill out the contact form you find by klicking “contact” in the navigation above.

Of course, I’m especially interested in popics connected with healthy eating, zero waste, sustainability, natural body care, yoga, TCM and DIY. But for sure, I’m interested in loads of other interesting and creative ideas connected with a healthy and active lifestyle!

If desired, I’ll send you my Media Kit! Just write an E-Mail to the stated address above and you’ll get it as soon as possible!

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