As written in the Philosophy Section, I’m living on a vegetarian and vegan diet, focusing on keeping it balanced and low in cholesterol. But it’s not only food, that is important for a healthy lifestyle, but also exercising and having a positive attitude towards yourself and your surrounding, too.

I’m feeling quite forced to mention that to me an enjoyable lifestyle does not mean pure restriction and eating on a completely strict diet without any (guilty) pleasures. This is not what „healthy eating“ means to me. I think, the most important thing is to listen to the voice of your body, as everyone is different and every body enjoys different kinds of ingredients at different times of day and year. Still, I love finding healthy alternatives to unhealthy traditional foods and I try to eat those version on a regular basis. But I think it’s totally OK to eat meals and sweet treats the traditional way and to absolutely enjoy them, as long as you are aware of the amount of the intake and are focusing on a balanced diet in general.

Find all my blog posts about lifestyle suggestions in this section!

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