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Guest Recipe: Chickpea and Rice Salad

timms chickpea rice salad

Some time ago I came across I really nice German blog, written by Timm and which is called Timm’s Vegan Kitchen. As this title already tells, it’s all about cooking and baking vegan. Timm is an ethical vegan, totally believing in what he is doing and how he is living and eating, which makes him really sympathetic. The recipes he shares on his blog include all kinds of meals: burgers, salads, bakes, curries, cakes, muffins,…really anything you can think of. His blog provides numerous of ideas, charming the taste buds of anyone. No matter whether you’re a savoury eater or have a huge sweet tooth, you’ll find recipes there, fitting your taste.

In winter, he posted awesome news: his first cookbook was launched! I really want to congratulate him to this great work and I hope it’s selling well, as he has put much effort into it. It’s called “Timm’s Vegan Kitchen – Das Backbuch” and is all about baking Timm’s vegan recipes. You can find all necessary information about his book and where to buy it on his blog!

It’s not only the kitchen where Timm’s getting creative. He has designed a logo he is identifiying with, which is also possible for Timm’s readers. He has started a project where he’s selling items like bags or shirts with his logo on top. You can find more information about this creative project on his blog or simply by clicking here.

The huge variety of recipes made me browse through this blog for ages, really. I got lots of inspiration there, but one of my favourite recipes is the one for chickpea and rice salad, which includes two of my all-time favourite ingredients: chickpeas and beetroot! This recipe is a really healthy one, including complex carbs, protein, fibre and lots of different nutrients, provided by veggies and loads of different spices, making this salad taste extremely delicious.

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Guest Recipe: Chocolate Hearts

sophieheartscom chocolate hearts

Today is a special day: it’s Mother’s Day! This always means lots of sweet things (food and words!), baking, family brunch and afternoon tea – and of course: much time for mum. Today we had a wonderful brunch with lots of fresh fruit, vegetables, wholemeal bread, hummus, spicy veggie quark and baked oatmeal. First, I thought about sharing my recipe for my lovely baked oatmeal today, but I think I found something sweeter – or cuter – to share with you on Mother’s Day: Chocolate hearts from This blog isn’t just about vegetarian and mostly healthy food, but about lifestyle and fashion, too. She’s located in Vienna and loves this beautiful city as much as I do, at least that’s the impression I’ve got from browsing through her blog. The reason why I was inspired by her chocolate hearts is, that it made me think of delicious chocolate flavourings again. There are so many ways to make your own special kind of chocolate, including all those flavours you enjoy or haven’t tried so far and would love to. And: they are a perfect gift for Mother’s Day!

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Guest Recipe: Cajun Quinoa and Vegetable Salad

kathiescloud Quinoasalat_mitGemuese_4

Today is one of those days where I’m spending many hours at uni. Almost always this means not being able to cook all day, except breakfast. Normally, I’m taking one of my smoothies with me, but today everything is different. I found a wonderful blog called Kathie’s Cloud and got inspired to make a delicious quinoa and vegetable salad to take with me. At first this sounds like something rather “normal” or “conventional” but this guess is wrong, absolutely wrong. What’s so special about this recipe is the homemade cajun spice mix Kathie uses to flavour her quinoa salad. This idea is simply amazing. It’s a mixture of paprika, cumin, salt, thyme, oregano and garlic – what a wonderful combination! Thank’s a lot for the inspiration, Kathie! I can’t wait to snack on the lovely salad I prepared for today’s afternoon at uni!

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Guest Recipe: Apple and Sesame Muffins


This is the first ever weekend in my new flat with my new flatmate, my best friend and one of the greatest foodies I’ve ever come to know! She’s writing a really nice blog and is constantly creating lovely recipes, just like this one for amazingly delicious apple and sesame muffins. If you want to read this recipe on her original site, click here or search for and browse through this lovely blog.

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