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Winter Snacks. 5 Favourites.

food-baked-apples (2)
Meine Lieben, ich war mal wieder faul. Darum habe ich die Arbeit jemand anderen machen lassen, hehe. Nein, Spaß beiseite. Aber ich hab tatsächlich einen Gastartikel für euch über 5 ideale Snackvarianten für den Winter. Schmökert mal durch und vielleicht bleibt das Eine oder Andere ja hängen und ihr habt es im Kopf, wenn ihr das nächste Mal Nachmittagshunger verspürt und eine Kleinigkeit zu snacken braucht!
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Refreshing-christmassy DIY-Body-Peeling. Lavender, Orange & Lemon.

diy-body-peeling (1)
The past weeks it has become a bit quiet over here on the blog and on my social media channels – in contrast to my daily life, to be honest. I guess I have to balance this out, so a lot of things (or also: too many) things going on in life, balanced out a bit by keeping the blog and social media more quiet. Or whatever. Somehow, it’s a pity, but I think I couldn’t handle being fully active and attentive in both areas right now. As soon as life is becoming calmer again, I will have more head and time for the blog project again, for sure! But better posting little than nothing, right?
Right before Christmas I’m sharing a DIY-post for natural body care with you, presenting an idea for a sustainable, homemade Christmas gift. I’m a huge fan of body brushes and peelings and love experimenting with these things. This time, I combined citrus and lavender and that smells amazingly good! I hope you’ll having fun trying this out!
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Coconut-Quark-Cream with Seasonal Fruit Sauce

food-topfen-kokos-creme (3)
I’ld be lying if I said I wasn’t a dessert-person. Often I wish it was different. But dessert is mostly just too good to leave out. Just like this one. The best thing is, that it can be varied easily, depending on the season, making it possible to serve this one all year around. I love the fresh taste of quark cream and fruits and think it’s lighter than most other desserts and starchy cakes. I hope you’ll like it as much as I do!

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Who else is a coconut fan? If you are thinking “meee” now, then this is definitely a recipe for you. It’s a dreamy creamy coconut
porridge with grated pear, perfect for a cold autumn or winter morning to get yourself warm and ready for the day. I hope you like it as much as I do!

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Souping 101

food-soup-broccoli-cucumber (2)
Last week I tried one further way of fasting: souping.
Until then I had only tried alkaline dieting and juicing. As the intermediate season like between autumn and winter is really suitable for doing a cleanse, I decided to do one again, but in another way. Read here how souping works, how I felt during these days and what foods and drinks I had.
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Sugar-free Chia-Plum-Jam

food-chia-zwetschgen-marmelade (5)
In autumn figs and plums are my absolute favourite fruits. I had loads of plums in my freezer because I needed to store them well when I had to go to hospital for a few days. Therefore, I decided I need to make something out of these beauties. Of course, a compote would have been an option, but I wanted something more spectacular. Well, to be honest, a chia-jam isn’t that spectacular either and really simple, too. But it turned out really delicious, similar in taste as compote, but different in consistency and usable for lots of different meals. I hope you’ll have fun cooking and trying!

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